Friday, July 13, 2012


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What is 'bliss'? It is excitement carried to the nth degree.
Nerves that tingle send a message to ears that hear and eyes that see.
The brain is in a cloud of wonder, the heart is completely overcome,
We're shouting out but we are silent, singing even while struck dumb.
Happiness is something lighter, something that can last a day;
Bliss envelopes but is transient, transforms us as it fades away.
All of which is quite poetic but the word, when used by me,
Often refers to that first sip of a delectable cup of tea!
'Bliss!' I say as my hands are warming round the very welcome cup.
But bliss is forgotten when, much later, I have to do the washing-up!

(An Acrostic)

Hedgerows alive with spikes of blossom,
Oh, what a summertime parade!
Long stems of colour climbing up to the sky,
Lining the lanes with a cavalcade.
Yearnings for England rise and envelope me.
Happy the memories I recall.
Over the hedges, see the hollyhocks,
Curtseying there by the garden wall.
Kent, with it's lovely garden atmosphere,
Sussex and Surrey, all aglow,
With hollyhocks, hollyhocks, always beckoning;
Surely the loveliest garden show.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed the lines shouting out as we are silent and transforms us as it fades away :-)

Sarav said...

Loved your ending, transitory from the joy of the tea to the washing up! Nicely done. And bliss is those simple things :-)

Karen said...

Oh I feel the same way when I indulge in my favourite tea!

Ella said...

I love your view on bliss~ I too, love tea~ Wonderful offering..loved it! :D