Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Brenda Bryant

“The afternoon slipped away" 
― Ellen GlasgowThe Shadowy Third

asks for a quote and an original photograph to accompany it


The afternoon slipped away from us,
Even as we lingered.
The sky grew pale, the trees grew dark,
Menacingly fingered.
When did day draw near to night,
And when did night embrace it?
The daylight died while our backs were turned,
And we cannot replace it.


Come to Sunny Australia, where the weather is always good,
Where the sun shines brightly every day as you've always wished it would.
Come to a land of blistering heat and deserts brown and dry,
Where hardly a cloud obliterates the serenely azure sky.
Come to a land of healthy bodies, tanned and full of vim,
Where everyone leads and outdoor life and is always taut and trim!
Sorry, folks! It's balderdash! Consider yesterday,
When the air was full of icy rain and skies were entirely grey!
The wind was whipping up the sea into massive peaks of foam,
And people under umbrellas were rushing to get home!
The umbrellas all turned inside out and everyone was soaked!
When I wrote the previous stanza it's obvious that I joked!

This photo is just for my daughter, Rebecca, who declares that she reads my blog every day. She's on holiday in the Blue Mountains at the moment and this is her son, Blake's, little dog, who's boarding with us. As you can see, Rebecca, Banjo is tucked up for the cold winter's night ahead, in his basket, on the end of the bed. Now I'll do something similar myself.

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