Thursday, July 5, 2012


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Fathers once were very stern,
Never, ever took their turn
At washing dishes, making beds
Or lullabying sleepy-heads.
Mothers gave the hugs and squeezes
All the tickling and teases.
In my youth, if we were bad,
Mothers warned 'I'll tell your Dad!'
Then, sometimes, the children felt
The punishment of Father's belt.
But times have changed. I see my son
Being gentle, having fun,
Washing dishes, brushing hair,
Giving his children lots of care.
A Father of old missed such a lot;
Never putting baby in a cot,
Never buying daughters pretty dresses
Or cleaning-up unpleasant messes.
Don't talk about 'the good old days'!
Young Fathers are worthy of our praise.

(A Foolish Tale inspired by the picture above)

Fleur called her lover 'Teddy Bear';
He was so nice to cuddle.
It was a nickname that backfired
And caused an awful muddle!
Edward was tall and handsome
And cuddly to boot,
And Edward was clean-shaven
And not at all hirsute.
Fleur loved to stroke his smooth, smooth skin
Which was utterly without blemish.
He had a very Caucasian look;
Maybe he was Flemish.
'Oh Teddy Bear!' she'd murmur low,
You're my masculine ideal!
I am completely overwhelmed
By the smoothness of your feel!'
One day he was enchanted,
As young men often are,
And was carried off to Fairyland
Where the Little People are.
Poor Fleur's heart was broken,
In fact I'd say it shattered;
Her passionate love for Edward
Was all that really mattered.
Her heartfelt sobs were heard on high
Where the Little People dwelt
And they were really horrified
To learn just how she felt.
' Your faithful love has moved us'
The little people said,
'And now, whatever you wish for
Will be deposited on your bed.'
'All I want is my Teddy Bear!'
Cried Fleur with great abandon,
Waiting patiently on the bed
Which she knew her love would land on.
The moral of the drama
That I am writing of
Is 'Don't make up silly pet-names
Next time you fall in love.'


Anonymous said...

A lovely perceptive on fathers.

Anonymous said...

great tribes.