Friday, July 6, 2012



I never lived in Kensington but it was right next-door.
Kensington was the posh part and I was rather poor.
Earls Court was my habitat, not very far away,
So I could reach it easily almost every day.
The shops were so up-market, that I just window-shopped;
We all felt that even Oxford Street, for all its fame, was topped.
Then there were the Gardens, always a delight,
With the little statue of Peter Pan a very pleasant sight.
Right next-door to Kensington was the Albert Hall.
The size of which made everyone feel very very small.
I only went to one 'Prom' night but that was rather grand,
Everyone enjoyed it though we had to stand!
Saturday night was Town Hall Night, we'd go there for the dance,
We didn't meet our Mr Rights but at least there was a chance!
I'm sure the place has changed a lot from the days of memory
But if you ever go to Kensington please say 'Hallo' from me.
Kensington Town Hall as I knew it, though this was in 1900.
The High Street as it probably is now.
Part of Kensington Gardens.
The roof garden of Derry and Toms store.
Memorial to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband.
The train station.

The Albert Hall.
A Promenade Concert.
The Band at the Town Hall.
The Town Hall lit up at night.
The famous Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens.


For a day,
Maybe for three or four,
They stood there,
One February.
Delighting my heart and my eyes.
A birthday gift
From a very special daughter.
They should have lasted forever
In all their crimson
But they didn't get the message!
They died.
I could no longer look at them
And think 'I'm a lucky woman!'
The water grew murky,
The stems grew slimy,
The petals fell.
There was nothing for it but the bin.
The thrill was over.
Yet now, through the magic of technology,
The world can see, once again,
What a lucky woman I was!
And I can say, once more,
'Thank you, Rebecca.'

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