Monday, July 30, 2012


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I'm confused about a lot of things although I'm not 'confused';
(It's equated with senility when that's the way it's used.
'The elderly confused' they say, labelling the old
As people who've lost their marbles, and who're straying from the fold.)
But one thing has always confused me, right from my earliest days,
Though I haven't wandered around the place with a permanent vacant gaze.
I'm confused about the Universe.....astronomers declare
That they'll soon be at the edge of it, but where will that be, where?
If there's something out beyond it, how is that 'something' made?
If there's nothing, what is nothing, and how is it displayed?
I believe both ideas at the same time! No wonder I'm confused!
One answer must be right, one wrong, two opposites can't be fused.
There's a battle in my inner mind and I'm the one that's losing!
Is it a left brain, right brain thing? It really is confusing.
So all you clever-clogs out there, who know which answer's right
Please un-confuse me quickly!
Please switch-on the light!


'For there is something there
That sounds so square.
It's a grand old name.'!
In my youth an old song about 'Mary'
Was sung by a fellow called Bing!
But fashions in song tend to vary
And it's not one a modern would sing.
In those days the word square meant 'faithful'
And 'solid', 'trustworthy' and 'good',
And the girl in the song, name of Mary,
Lived life in the best way she could.
Now 'square' is a word that's been altered,
A poor little waif of a word,
Meaning 'dull', 'rather boring' and 'studious',
Like that other descriptive word, 'nerd'.
Like 'cool' and like 'gay' and some others,
The word 'square' has seen better days.
So progress progresses regardless,
But some of us miss the old ways.

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