Sunday, July 29, 2012

At The Crossroads


The words in blue are from the Eric Clapton song 'Let It Grow'


Standing at the crossroads
I look to left and right.
Is the one road shadowy,
The other bathed in light?
Is the one road pitted
And do rocks bar the way,
While the other is as smooth as silk
Not hinting at delay?
Choosing the easiest of roads
May not always be right;
Sometimes an easy highway
Can lead into the night.
Sometimes, when there are obstacles
Triumph lies ahead;
Think of the ending of the road
Not just the start instead.


Before the dinner-party
It looked all a-la-carty,
 Everything smart and neat
Placed before each seat.
Not a splash or drip
From any careless lip,
Not a  smudge of gravy,
Or a napkin gone all wavy.
Not a lipstick smear
On a glass that once was clear.
I thought I'd better plan,
Before the meal began,
To take a speedy shot
Before we messed the lot!

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Myrna R. said...

Both are really good and made me smile.