Thursday, July 5, 2012

Waddling Worry



If you saw this in your High Street you'd have cause to be alarmed!
Penguins aren't that common; they're not likely to be harmed.
But if you were in South Africa, walking on Boulders Beach,
You'd find a thousand penguins, all within easy reach!
We were there some years ago and we visited the site
And saw the penguins burrows stretching left and stretching right.
The beach was alive with penguins, of the local Jackass breed.
(Their voices sound like donkey's! Very strange indeed!)
Now these little fellows don't show a scrap of fear......
'What is it with these humans! Let's pretend that they're not here!'
They scuttle about near your ankles, or simply fall asleep,
Then dive into the water, which is very cold and deep.
If one came by car, and parked it, there's every chance you might
Find a little penguin sheltering out of sight.
So this sign is clearly needed, reminding everyone
That the penguins of Table Mountain deserve their place in the sun.
We saw more than this!


(An old-fashioned rhyme for old-fashioned children)

Betty Blue and Rosy Red
Toss a shuttlecock overhead.
Pansy Pink and Willy White
Slowly wander out of sight.
Betty and Rosy play and play;
The others are wandering on their way.
Playtime ends and evening comes.
Here are Betty and Rosy's Mums.
'Where are the little ones' they cry.
' The gate is open! Me oh my!'
Betty and Rosy feel ashamed;
They know they are going to be blamed.
But Pansy and Willy are just outside;
They'd decided that they would hide.
They were hiding in the trees.
The Mothers found them there with ease.
Betty and Rosy tell their Mothers
'Now we'll always watch the others!
Older children always must
Be people everyone can trust.
(I think it's called a homily!)


Dianne said...

I adore penguins!!

I once lived in an area that had a terrible stray and feral cat problem and I would always toot my horn before moving my car as kittens would be under and in the wheel wells

we worked hard for years to catch and shelter and foster and the problem did lessen

RedPat said...

What a great sign! Wouldn't want to hurt one of those cute little things.

Lesley said...

Oh dear - this made me laugh. I would love to see a penguin and especially hear one that sounded like a donkey (I did not know that was why they were called jackass...)

VioletSky said...

I adore penguins! that is too funny, but makes sense when you think about it.