Tuesday, July 10, 2012


asks us to use the following vice versas 
trivial/significant   observe/ignore


When you watch adverts on TV
It's an exercise in banality.
Though watching in pairs can be convivial,
One can't deny that it's all trivial.
Significant items are on the news;
(Such as the parting of Kate and Cruise!),
While adverts ignore the up-to-date
In favour of things put on a plate.
Food and drink and shiny cars
Are things promoted by famous stars.
I observe a sad decline
From all that is positive and fine
Into a very sad morass
Of all that is gaudy, cheap and crass.


A poor old dear sat sobbing on a park bench in the sun;
It was plain to see she'd had her day; in fact, her race was run.
At last a friendly gentleman sat down there, by her side,
And gently asked her why it was she sat there and she cried.
'Can I do something for you? You're clearly quite distressed;
There might be little I can do but I can try my best'.
'I'm the luckiest of women'' she wiped her eyes and sighed;
'You see, it's only recently that I became a bride......
He started as a toy-boy (well, I've reached that time of life)
But, recently, we've married, and I'm now his loving wife.
As you can see, I'm elderly, and hardly in my prime,
While he is only thirty-five, but we have a lovely time.
After a night of passion he brings breakfast up to bed,
He's a qualified chef, you see, so I'm wonderfully fed!
But he's got a lot of money so we dine out every night
And I wear the pearls he's bought me. They're very big and bright.
Of course we both enjoy the time for 'love in the afternoon',
And I must admit that time of day just cannot come too soon.
He's handsome, virile, six foot three and he's got a lovely smile!'
Once more the lady bowed her head, sobbing all the while.
'Oh!' cried the weeping lady, 'Oh what I wouldn't give
To be able to cast my mind back
And remember where I live!'

A gentleman whose name is Rob
Says I do a very good job
Of writing all my little rhymes.
He has read them several times.
He's 'in awe'; and so I said
'Send me a photo (just your head)
So I can see you over-awed!'
So, even if my rhymes are flawed,
My ego has been duly stroked
And, in the vernacular, I'm 'stoked'.

Rob Hood


Maude Lynn said...

That second piece is a hoot!

Mary said...

Indeed so much banality in advertisements. I don't even see them anymore. I tune them out, but perk up when I head about Kate and Cruise. LOL. Well penned.

Mary said...

Since you moderate your comments, I will leave a comment that you do not have to publish. I enjoy Vice Versa, but it cannot survive unless people visit one another's poetry. There won't be that many links. I hope you would be willing to help the cause and make the rounds so that people feel it is a worth while place. Otherwise I fear it will die....again. Thanks, if you can. Mary

Victoria said...

I am intrigued by the way you pair humor and serious issues, like superficiality and dementia in your poems. I don't have that light touch and admire it in others.

Myrna R. said...

I so much enjoyed reading these poems. You have a talent for rhyme, reason and humor. So nice.

Dave King said...

I have to go for Down Memory Lane. it's a wow! But having just tried the prompt I appreciate how good that is, too!!