Wednesday, July 4, 2012


asks us to use the words in blue


Once we knew perfect unity;
We really were 'as one',
But then you broke the magic spell,
Because you wanted fun.
I knew I was a dull old stick
And you were a shooting star,
But I thought 'we' were forever;
That's how silly some men are.
For months on end I brooded
And felt my life was over;
I was bounded by my four walls;
You were kicking up your heels in clover.
After a year I ventured out
I joined an organisation
With lots of worthy members
Studying conservation.
Bess was very quiet and shy,
But quick and clever too.
I didn't find her attractive;
She wasn't a bit like you.
I used her as a buffer;
I suppose that was unkind,
Her face was merely interesting,
But I did admire her mind,
Then, when we were on a field trip
I experienced transition!
Out of the blue I kissed her!
And altered my condition!
So I'm sending you an invitation....
The wedding is in May.
It's pleasant keeping in touch with
'The one that got away.'


I had an addiction lurking for years and years and years;
But I didn't know it existed until now.
I saw other folk addicted but I never caught the bug;
My psyche simply didn't quite know how.
I tried to smoke a cigarette when I was just sixteen
But I spat it from my lips! That was enough!
So in all my many decades I've never ever smoked;
I've never ever had another puff.
A little later I tried alcohol, a white wine I recall;
I reeled back from the most unpleasant taste.
I'd never be a drunkard, that was very clear;
Though symptoms in my ancestors were traced.
I was never ever offered drugs, in any shape or form;
They weren't around in 1954.
I'm still completely innocent about Ecstasy and such;
I really can't imagine what it's for.
I hear that there are Sex-addicts; well I wasn't one of those!
It was just a pleasant pastime, now and again.
I can't imagine addicts, female ones I mean,
Who simply cannot get enough of men!
As for a gambling addiction; that also passed me by;
Just five dollars on the Melbourne Cup for me.
No, it must be admitted that I was squeaky-clean;
I was a nasty little prig, addiction-free.
Blogging came and found me and I wallowed in its charms;
And I never will get free, that's my prediction.
It took me until eighty to discover that I'm weak.
I'm confessing to a cyberspace addiction!


Jem said...

The first one I find really fascinating
The second one, however, I admit I can relate.

Margaret Gosden said...

You and me the same, though a good wine now and again I can't ignore. In my profile I thank Steve Jobs for what we have today, though last night I learned that it was Bill Gates ho started it all! The former was better on the business end, the production and the PR, while Bill has moved on to philanthropy which he is good at, too. As for the blogging, I can't let it go - the idea of instant publishing, around the world, well, what more could any artist want, not to be rejected anymore in the way it used to be.

joanne said...

I applaud the guy who moved beyond his comfort zone and fell in love....and the blogging/internet addiction - I found a new drug in the ethernet....I love the way your mind works.....

Ellecee said...

I love your poems, what we call "down home humour" and "words to the wise are sufficient" Thank you.

Berowne said...

Interesting story - told in your usual interesting way...

Scribbler said...

Both were so unexpectedly funny, it was much more satisfying than if you'd given away the joke right at the beginning! I enjoyed them both immensely.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sounds like the person was really waving the wedding invite in their ex face.

In the second piece I have to admit I too was a prig about addiction but blogging and twitter have me in their grip.