Thursday, July 12, 2012


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The Scientist sat motionless and let his mind float free;
He saw the world in a thousand years, just as it would be.
Inventions, not yet thought about, inhabited his brain.
He leapt up from his seat and set those new ideas in train.
The World was altered by his thoughts; he helped humanity.
And all because he day-dreamed sitting under a shady tree.
The Average-Man sat motionless and let his mind float free;
He dreamed of lying on a beach beside a deep blue sea.
He dreamed of winning Lotto and of being tanned  and tall.
Wow! What a glorious future! And he would have it all!
His dreams all came to nothing; it was just futility
And all because he day-dreamed sitting under a shady tree.

                Carole Feuerman

(In the Credit Crunch)

Millions of dollars, lost overnight.
Yells of pure horror as money took flight!

Seasoned investors went to the wall!
Under the mattress? No good at all!
Reeling from losses the Big Bosses dropped!
Values declined! It couldn't be stopped!
I, not being wealthy, felt not too much pain;
Virtue rewarded, I surfaced again.
lesson for everyone! Don't amass wealth!
Losing it's never too good for the health!


Brian Miller said...

haha...yeah if you want the dreams you have to put a little muscle to them and can not sit around just dreaming about them all day...nice...

Grace said...

I like to believe that all scientific creations are born of imagination ~ Under the shady tree, we can all dream until we are blue ~

Helen said...

Oh-oh ... I've spent more than a few hours under the shade of a tree - day dreaming! I'd best get cracking!!!

Mary said...

Yes, so true about the different kinds of daydreams and how they influence future. People grow into their daydreams, it seems. Where would we be without, for example, Thomas Edison's daydreams?

Mary said...

Could I perhaps ask you to make some visits your fellow linkers on Poetry Jam? We all enjoy them and then have a greater feeling of community from the reciprocity. Thank you.

Mary B. Mansfield said...

I think you've really hit on an important truth here...daydreams are little more than self-indulgent escapism if we don't take action to make them into a reality.

And I'm completely with you on your second poem...I'm quite used to being broke, so the economic woes are not really having that big an impact.

Two great poems! Thanks so much for linking up with us over at Poetry Jam this week!

Hannah said...

Great writing...thoughts to ponder!!