Wednesday, July 25, 2012




So you think you live in dangerous times!
The TV makes you aware of crimes;
Video games are full of gore
And the future scares you more and more.
Your children are cosseted night and day,
Never free to run and play
Out in that nasty unkind world,
Where some nasty missile may be hurled.
Predators lurk in every ally .....
Intent on getting far too pally.
Your child may pick-up nasty bugs'
Or, horror of horrors, be offered drugs!
I look back to an earlier age
When Hitler strutted upon the stage.
But it's not of him I want to write,
Though there was a Big Bad War to fight.
I wish to speak of childhood joys
When little girls and little boys
Ran wild in the countryside all day
Completely unsupervised at play.
I remember friends falling out of trees,
Breaking arms and grazing knees;
I recall a time when parents said 
'Make sure you get home in time for bed'!
If we hurt ourselves and felt quite sore
Mum said 'Well, don't do that any more'.
Smallpox and polio were rife;
Always a threat to a young child's life
But I don't recall anybody saying
'Watch out for germs when you're out playing!'
Bonfire Night drew quite a crowd.
Backyard fireworks were allowed;
Letting them off was really scary,
They were a trap for the unwary,
But we all survived, though possibly singed
And no-one I knew became unhinged!
The world is different now, of course,
We're need for Morse!
But I'm sorry for the young ones of today
Who haven't the freedom to really PLAY!


There's the beauty of the roses,
The charm of the silken gown,
The hidden glory of the face
As the lady is glancing down.
But the reason for this painting,
Which I cannot escape,
Is the utter charm and perfection 
Of a lovely woman's nape.
Now wouldn't you think a wordsmith
Would conjur up a word
More suited to this attribute!
'Nape' is almost absurd!
It should be described in lilting terms
That flow right off the tongue;
A word like 'serendipity'
That, when spoken, sounds as sung.
'The nape!' How coldly clinical!
The coldest word I've heard.
Won't some poetic person
Come up with a better word?



Roger Owen Green said...

great poem.
Reminds us that evil wasn't invented last week.
And I got to play more than my daughter does; different world.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

I remember those days when my parents would just say be home in time for dinner and off we'd go to the park or ride our bikes for miles and miles. I read something on Facebook today about 10-year-olds having IPods, cell phones, laptops, and Facebook but when I was 10, all I had was OUTSIDE! Very apt, I think.

abcw team

Anonymous said...

Well written poem,says what I often think.Children are not getting to just be kids in many places these days.
My mom was never worried until 30 minutes AFTER the street lights came on if I didn't turn up home by then there was going to be some heck to pay!

Maude Lynn said...

"A word like 'serendipity'
That, when spoken, sounds as sung."

Just flawless flow!

Anonymous said...

things aren't as bad as we think they are statistically, the news just puts a spotlight on the worst

birth death its all the same

Lmkazmierczak said...

While danger lurks,
we have lots of perks-
the increase of my lifespan
makes me a life fan
for this little life here on earth.

not as good as you, but you get my point♫

and I think there is a jewelry line 'Napier' that adorns that nape♪