Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brand New Day

The first line is from Elinor Wylie's poem 'The Church Bell'


As I was lying in my bed
A little thought came in my head.
'What a lot of time you're wasting!
You could be eating, smelling, tasting...
Enjoying all the many things
That a shining new day brings.
You could be singing, laughing, playing,
Writing, thinking, holidaying!
You could be climbing local trees,
Or flying kites along the breeze.
You could  welcome this brand new morn
By mowing your next-door-neighbour's lawn.
You could be walking, running, jogging,
Having a first attempt at blogging!
You could do last night's washing-up,
And pick up the bits of that broken cup!
See how the great sun's golden rays
Bid you not lie in bed and laze.
Get up! Get up! Get wide awake!
The world's out there for goodness sake!'
I began to feel quite out of sorts;
Exhausted by these vigorous thoughts.
I yawned and stretched a bit and then
Rolled over and went to sleep again.


Let's get those needles clicking! 
 Let's knit a mass of squares!
Let's cover-up the armaments!
Let's catch them unawares!
Make sure the colour's pink, my dears,
That special 'girlie' hue!
We're half of the world! Let's show them
What half of the world can do!
What a great world this would be
If everyone disarmed,
If all the war-lords took a pill
And, suddenly, were calmed!
Let's making the firearms useless!
Let's tangle-up their schemes!
Sadly, I know the reaction!
It's certain........
  'In Your Dreams!'


Anonymous said...

Rinkly -- both of these are refreshing and uplifting ... what a way to start the New Year blog reads. Thank you for sharing ... may your new year be filled with new adventures and much creativity!

vivinfrance said...

Two poems with which I am in entire agreement.