Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Look-Out

Brisbane, Australia.



Is it a trick of brain or eye
That high from high seems much more high
When we are up and looking down
On the country or a town?
From below an elevation
Seems no cause for exclamation.
Maybe Everest and the like
Cause one to gasp when on a hike,
But I have found a local hill
Doesn't hint at any thrill.
But climb it and the views become
Such as can strike the tourist dumb!
Is it because we long to be 
Masters of all that we can see?
Looking up goes against the grain,
For being looked down on with disdain
Is something that we all avoid;
In fact it makes us quite annoyed.
Looking down......that's a different story!
Suddenly we're bathed in glory!
We're Masters of everything we survey.
Fields and valleys stretch away,
Houses shrink  and oceans spread
And we tread where all gods must tread,
Among the clouds and elevated,
Noble, proud and celebrated.
To us all praise and power is due
When we say 'What a lovely view!'


Just a big old pipe in the shadows,
Curving its way along,
Snaking over the pastures,
Far from the city's throng.
Weaving it's way through the valley
Where the Hunter River flows
Appearing to have no purpose,
Inert even as it goes.
Yet, inside, it is churning, rolling,
Inside it is in full spate,
Inside it is racing madly!
It seems that it just can't wait!
Chichester Dam gives the water
That rushes along within.
It will end in our taps tomorrow.
But it's here we see it begin.


Vhen said...

great view, so serene :)

Kat said...

I remember the Hunter river, you've written lots of poem about it.

Nice title..!!!!

jewaicious said...

What serenity and beauty.