Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Always Never

we are asked to use the words from
'Unnameable' by Samuel Becket.
'Where now? Who now? When now?'


The Now is always with us, a constant, never changing.
Never being otherwise, never rearranging.
For it is always Now right now, whatever the time or place;
The Now remains firm and steady, impervious to pace.
It is the one great certainty; Now will always exist.
It is an element of Time, not shown on a wrist.
So Who can grab a hold on Now and domesticate it?
No-one, for you see we can't anticipate it.
We anticipate the future, we nostalgicise* the past;
But the Now we cannot pin down! It's not that it goes fast,
It's just that it does not exist! It isn't part of When.
You cannot ask 'Where has it gone?' It is beyond our ken.
We're living in a nothing that isn't really here;
We can't associate the Now with Tomorrow or Last Year.
As soon as you have said the word it's gone, to be replaced
By another non-existent that's completely nothing-based.
So if you say you're living Now, think that, perhaps, instead
You're living in a nothing, so it could be that you're dead!
* Please don't tell me it doesn't exist! I like it!


I'm nervous on the open road and even on a train;
I'm absolutely terrified when travelling in a plane.
But on a cruise-ship I feel safe because, well, after all,
Nothing bad can happen to something so wide and tall.
'It's safe as houses'....I hear those words ringing in my ears!
Oh dear! Another prospect to add to my list of fears!