Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hanging Off a Cliff!

asks for a cliff-hanger using only 100 words

This is the conclusion of the cliff-hanger started last week.

Get yourself out of that!' she cried
And so, with all his might, he tried.............continue

In great danger, and alone,
He suddenly thought of his mobile phone.
He quickly tapped in '000'
Trying not to look below.
'Emergency!' he whispered quickly,
Feeling dizzy and quite sickly.
Suddenly they were all arriving,
Vehicles with helpers driving.
The firemen equipped with hose and pump
Held out a blanket and shouted 'Jump!'
And suddenly, whump, he was on the ground,
All in one piece and safe and sound.
A girl was part of the rescue team,
In uniform, but what a dream!
Life was suddenly looking bright.
He said 'How about a date tonight?'



Onamatapoeia! It plays such clever tricks!
By it our use of language is enriched.
We've been creating 'sound-like' words ever since the dawn of time,
And very, very few are ever ditched.
Take 'Crash' and 'Bang' and 'Plop' and 'Zoom',
Take 'Sizzle', 'Sniff' and 'Gurgle', 'Whack' and 'Screech'!
Such words are so descriptive, such inventions of the tongue,
Such wondeful embellishments of speech!
And 'Flip' is a great example! It really says it all!
Hear the coin as it's tossed and then it's turned!
Well, that's all for today, folks! I know you'll all say 'Wow!'
When you realise a lesson has been learned!

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