Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is That All?

asks us to use the title words from the Peggy Lee song in blue


I don't believe in heaven; when I take my final breath
That will be the end of it. I'll never experience Death.
All the time I'm a thinking thing I shall be alive.
I'll never be aware when I, no longer, can survive.
But if there were a Heaven it would be a place
Without that disappointment that human-beings face.
We'd never say 'Is that really all? Is that all there is? Just that?'
We'd never have that let-down, when everything falls flat.
We'd never attain our heart's desire, then find there is a catch;
We'd never learn that heart's desires rarely come up to scratch.
There'd be no flies in our ointment, no niggling little doubts,
We'd never find that 'withs' aren't that much better than 'withouts'.
There'd never be that vacuum which comes on Boxing Day
When children are bored with their new toys, which all have feet of clay.
'The dust-cart follows the Lord Mayor's Show' so the old saying goes.
But, if there were a Heaven, great Shows would be greater Shows.
We would enjoy for ever the thrill of anticipation;
For ever and ever we would know limitless elation.
I can't envisage it myself; it sounds like a drug-filled dream.
Fancy the indigestion, living on clotted cream!

(A poem for children)

Goodnight Horsie! Goodnight Bear!
Time to climb the wooden stair.
Bertha has the candle lit
But I don't like it, not one bit!
Look at Donkey! He's sad too.
What will all my treasures do
When they're left downstairs alone,
Without a playmate, on their own?
Bertha doesn't understand!
She keeps tugging at my hand.
I can take my book to bed;
That is what my Mummy said,
But books don't cry, books don't feel sad.
Leaving pets makes me feel bad.
Never mind. I know, tomorrow,
We'll forget about our sorrow.
Goodnight Horsie! Goodnight Bear!
So long as you know that I still care!


Whitesnake said...

always a pleasure to come here!

Denise Moncrief said...

Enjoyed reading your response to the Carry on Tuesday prompt. As for myself, I have to believe there's more.