Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Country of Immigrants



I'm an immigrant myself, although I speak the lingo,
Being an English person in the country of the dingo.
It must be hard for people from a very different world....
Into utter differentness they find that they are hurled.
Here a group of Muslim ladies prepare a barbecue.
I wonder if this is the first time and it's all very new.
Just musing, as I strolled around he park the other day.
Let the whole world mingle in such a simple way!


Is your little darling fussy;
Is it hard to make him eat?
Does he turn his twitching nose up
At the very nicest treat?
Then get up early in the morning;
Give his lunch-box lots of thought;
Toy with all the tasty titbits;
Check out everything you've bought!
Mother! Use imagination!
Though it takes an hour or so,
You can fashion something pleasing
Which will stop him grunting 'No!'
Anyone who is maternal
Can manage faces, rockets, fish,
Cartoon characters, bats and monsters!
Think of what your child might wish!
Surely you can't be found wanting!
How awful if his friends should laugh
At a biscuit or a sandwich!
Better make him a giraffe!
Think how well he's going to grow-up!
Oh how thrilled his wife will be!
She'll have to follow your example!
I'm rather glad it wont be me!


Kat said...

a superb message to the people in the planet..!!!

Let the whole world mingle in such a simple way!

Anonymous said...

Love that first shot - here's to more mingling around the world!