Monday, January 9, 2012

View Point



Why are we addicted to
Gazing at a lovely view?
Did the cavemen, always caving,
Have a similar sort of craving?
Or did they see the wide terrain
Merely from the point of gain?
Gaining food, was their desire.
So, when they were climbing higher
In search of an important meal
Did they ever stop to feel
Overwhelmed by distant views,
Mountain peaks and verdant hues?
Did they point at vistas splendid
Later, when the hunt was ended?
Did they say to waiting wives
'We've seen the best view of our lives'?
I doubt it. So, when did it start,
The viewing-views-important part?
At what point in history
Did appreciation start to be?
One feels, from paintings, it's age-old,
The desire to wonder and behold.
But is it innate or is it learned?
Would nature's wonders just be spurned
If when you were one or two
Mother hadn't said 'What a view!'
Your tiny mind soon understood,
If Mother said it, it was good.
If she had not thought to mention,
Draw it to your young attention
A sunlit valley might be just that.....
Nothing there worth looking at.
Why are we addicted to
Gazing at a lovely view?


When vertical and horizontal squabble in the skies
It's certain that the folk on earth will get a big surprise!
When black and white are vying for supremacy on high
It's certain that a storm is brewing way up in the sky!
It had been a lovely day all day in Dorrigo;
Time came to leave so we prepared to pack our things and go.
It's then the clouds assembled in this quite belligerent fashion,
One lot light and airy, the other black with passion.
Once home we heard a weather report on our radio;
'Violent storms this-afternoon up in Dorrigo'.

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