Friday, January 27, 2012

The Book of Me

gave us the idea


If, one day when I am dead,
'The Book of Me' could be duly read
It wouldn't be a Horror Story,
With lots of crime and rather gory.
It wouldn't be a Book of Jokes,
With rollicking fun for other folks.
It wouldn't be a Mystery;
I'm transparent and plain to see.
It wouldn't be a Recipe Book;
I'm not a person who likes to cook.
It wouldn't be a 'How To' guide;
That I'm ham-fisted can't be denied.
It would be a book of This and That;
Collected anecdote and chat.
My success would not be stellar;
I wouldn't be  a World Best-Seller!


The British have 'stiff upper lips'; they're good at fortitude.
They treat decapitation as a little interlude!
See how this jolly fellow smiles! He's definitely British!
The more he's pierced and knifed and cut the more he's growing skittish!
His foot's on fire! He's lost both legs! And his arms aren't too secure!
As for his head, it's been attacked by something like a skewer!
I see he's hanging by the neck! No wonder he's kaput!
His insides seem to be falling out! And a nail has pierced his foot!
I see there are 'illustrations'! I bet they're pretty gory!
'Read all about it!' Yes, indeed! 
It's the gaping-inside story!


Brother Ollie said...

Sounds like a good honest book.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

A real yawner, you say? I doubt that! Nice write! I enjoyed your story!

Kellie said...

ooooh I love your take on this one, telling what it WOULDN'T be about! Clever! You did a fine job with this having been sleepy :) Thank you for writing for me!!!! xox