Monday, January 9, 2012

Hanging Off a Cliff

asks for a cliff-hanger using only 100 words


Oh dear! He's hanging off a cliff!
Just because of a very little tiff!
They'd been strolling as if in love,
When she'd given him a shove!
He had been seeing Peg, it's true,
But that was an awful thing to do!
He'd known that she had felt neglected
But the push was decidedly unexpected!
It's not as though they had been wrangling,
But now, by one hand, he is dangling!
'I've had enough of your two timing!'
She shouted. 'Now get climbing!
Get yourself out of that!' she cried
And so, with all his might, he tried............. (To Be Continued)


What an athletic posture! What a gigantic leap!
Maybe, on the other side, she'll fall all in a heap!
Just watch Grandma jumping! See that enormous bound!
Maybe, on the other side, she'll crash down to the ground!


anitamombanita said...

Haha...once again I'm delighted to read the wide variety of writing of the Centusians, yours being no exception! Looking forward to learning what happens to that two-timing so and so...not to mention the girl with the bad temper... heehee...

Judie said...

RR, what a great cliffhanger in rhyme, no less!! There's a reason for that girl's temper!!

Susan Anderson said...

Nice job on the cliffhanging poem!


Jo said...

oh gee, i just loved your rhyming take on the prompt ... great job, and it put a smile on my face! ... which is weird considering the situation ...

Jenny said...

First of all, I'm impressed that Grandma can jump over a rope!

Second of all, how clever to make the prompt into a rhyme! I'm glad I'm behind in reading for once...I can find out quicker what happens next!

Jenny said...

PS. My word veri was: mysterys - that made me laugh!