Sunday, January 29, 2012


asks us to use the final words from 
Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone With The Wind', in blue.


What a trite little statement to receive world-wide acclaim!
To be so often quoted and agreed to!
'Tomorrow is another day'!
 I've quoted it myself,
Often when I really didn't need to!
What if it said ' Tomorrow will be exactly like today'?
Now that would be a statement to amaze!
What if tomorrow replicated everything here and now?
What if we had two truly matching days?
We'd wake up on the second day with 'Here we go again',
Quite overwhelmed by an awful deja vu,
Remembering the insults or the queuing or the rain,
That once again we'd all be going through.
We wouldn't feel excitement at the possibilities,
Because we'd know they weren't going to appear.
We'd already know the coming day would have it's share of joys
But, we'd also know that it would be austere.
But that isn't going to happen, because a brand new day
Is always 'another', that's the reason why
 Scarlett O'Hara's statement is a load of balderdash,
Even though it brought a tear to every eye!
After all, she had to say something before the credits rolled
And  'Look on the bright side' is a trifle trite.
But one thing Scarlett could rely on.....
She would definitely be proved right!


I'm one of those annoying people who wakes up feeling bright!
I'm quite refreshed, nearly always, after a restful night.
I don't look like this lady I hasten to admit,
But I do reflect her attitude more than a little bit.
As the sun peeps into the bedroom I yawn and stretch and say,
' I feel ready for anything Life can throw at me today!'
But my come-uppance comes in the evening, when I literally droop;
When all my morning energy has simply flown the coop!
I'm a terrible party-pooper! I keep on thinking of bed!
'Dance all night'? I think not! I want to sleep all night instead!
I'd like to tell you more about the hours that I keep,
But I just haven't got the energy.
It's already time for sleep!

1 comment:

Kay L. Davies said...

She certainly looked lovely, though, didn't she?
My mother used to wake up bright and cheery in the morning. My father never wanted to get up at all, unless he was going fishing, and I was like him, without the fishing part. Mornings were not my thing, and still aren't.
However, I find I've reached the age where I'm grateful to wake up, no matter how aching and grumpy I feel.