Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seeing is Not Believing


Can you believe that I am in and I am looking out,
Out on a rolling sea and moonless sky?
I peered out of this porthole to see nature at its best,
And, maybe, see a dolphin dipping by.
But all I saw were diners filling faces by the score
And waiters bustling up and down with trays.
Poor sky, poor sea, poor universe to be so much ignored!
Nature hidden from a human gaze.


It all depends on your point of view;
And that's entirely up to you.
Firmly position yourself askew
And this is what you'll see.
Just geometric bits of tin,
Round, triangular, thick or thin.
Where to end? Where to begin?
It's a yellow mystery.
But get your point of view just right,
A bit more left, a bit more right,
You'll see a more selective sight,
A bicycle, in view!
Train yourself to choose the spot,
To take the very nicest shot.
See what a lovely life you've got!
It all depends on you!

1 comment:

Margaret Gosden said...

I like the bike puzzle. I wonder who the artist is....