Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Very Moment

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Just think! The very moment, folks, when my life went down the gurgler!
The apple had been picked by Eve; she was the very first burglar!
Until this potent moment we had wandered in the nude,
Never thinking of sex at all and never feeling rude.
We'd gambolled, innocent as lambs, among the new-mown hay,
And, we'd been such buddies way back then, before lust got in the way.
Just think! Without erotic thoughts we'd had endless hours to chat!
We'd sat beneath the shady trees talking of this and that.
Those merry hours are a memory now. Remember we spoke of bees;
How they buzzed in the pretty flowers, and how leaves grew on trees.
Time seemed endless in those days, following our pursuits;
Playing with the butterflies, the possums and the newts.
But then Eve was disobedient, encouraged by the snake;
She went up to the apple tree and gave a branch a shake.
Down fell the fatal apple; the scales fell from our eyes
And our mutual nudity took us utterly by surprise!
Oh woe is me that my innocence died on that fatal day!
It was when I saw Eve naked that I saw she had feet of clay!


I have never felt safe in my adult life!
Safety is an illusion.
Dangers have beset my way
Sometimes in profusion.
I have lived my eighty years
In a constant state of dread!
Will Ebola reach these shores?
What's that under the bed?
I fear I am a pessimist;
I always fear the worst!
The sun may shine on my perfect life
But, undoubtedly, I am cursed!
Is that pimple on my nose
Something I dare not mention?
Will the Government, suddenly,
Remove my old age pension?
Is the man in front of me in the line
A member of a gang?
Is there a bomb in this aeroplane
That will suddenly go 'Bang!'?
The World is a terrifying place;
Safety is unattainable!
What about all those fossil fuels?
Is their use sustainable?
I've lived a life that's been long and safe!
Retribution's overdue!
How can I have done so well?
How can I have struggled through?
It's all out there, the Danger!
It will get me in the end!
Safety is an illusion.
On that you can depend.

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Kat said...

Read somewhere that if Adam & Eve were chinese, they would've eaten..... the snake..!!!!!!