Tuesday, January 10, 2012



This hat happens to be red;
It's on a dubious fellow's head.
But the colour's not the attribute
Which, this-evening, I salute.
I am here to sing the praises
Of one of fashion's lasting crazes.
It's called a Trilby, a curious name,
And a heroine was called the same.
She was in a du Maurier play
Which was a great hit in its day.
Trilby was a lovely creature,
And Svengali was her singing teacher.

Now Trilby couldn't sing a note;
Only squawks came from her throat,
Till her teacher hypnotised her
And definitely optimised her!
All of Paris then swarmed to hear
Notes which rang out pure and clear.
However, Svengali had a heart attack;
Her voice disappeared and never came back.
She was reviled and hissed and booed.
(Victorian audiences were rude!)
The du Maurier play was all the rage
And, when the 'Trilby' came on stage,
Everyone was gazing at
Her most unusual small-brimmed hat.
People all started looking for
A hat like the one that Trilby wore.
So started a fashion that still lives on;
The Trilby style has never gone.

Here we see that the hat has style.
I think it will be around a while.


"The course of true love never did run smooth!"
Now that's a statement with no ifs or buts!
A blanket statement that! Now, come on, Will!
Sometimes your writings need important cuts!
Did anybody , anywhere at all,
Verify your words and sociology?
Did scientists do tests and, over time,
Say 'This is part of amorous biology'?
I want to see a graph that really proves
The road to love is bumpy! Without that
I cannot entertain your views at all!
For I believe the road to love is flat,
Bordered with flowers, without a rut or stone,
With shady trees to shelter, bees to buzz,
And birds to twitter in a dulcet tone!
False love, as we all know, has ups and downs
Quarrels, misunderstandings, things like that,
But true love, Will, is something else again,
With not a single niggle, not a spat!
Ah well, we live in hope! All life has flaws.
Perfection still eludes us come what may.
But 'analysis' would prove you wrong or right
If you were writing poetry today.

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