Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reactions Required!



All you have to do to win the prize
Is give me your reactions, in this wise:
How do you react to the above illustration?
Does it fill you with despair or with great elation?
Comment, simply, in a line or two,
And I will reveal what I can do.
Your response will reveal to me
Your underlying personality!
Yes! I make that solemn claim!
To miss this chance would be a shame.
And the prize presented to the winning entry,
Be you peasant or landed gentry,
Will be a reprint on 'Rinkly Rimes.'
Golly! These are exciting times!


He was a Hillbilly father, in town with his little son;
Neither of them had much idea how city things were done.
They chanced upon an elevator and the boy said 'Dad,
I've never seen a thing like that! Are you sure it isn't bad?'
The father said 'To find out we'll keep watch on the door.
We'll wait until it opens up then we'll know much more.'
A portly lady ambled up; she was old, her hair was grey.
She pressed the button marked as 'UP' in a very casual way.
She went inside; the door was closed. The father was perplexed.
He said 'I can't imagine what's going to happen next.'
Well, after a while the elevator came back, again, to the ground.
And father and son stood watching with eyes all big and round.
The door slid open and  my goodness, what a great surprise!
A beautiful luscious blonde appeared right before their eyes!
She was young and sweet and pretty and only about eighteen!
She'd gone in as a Granny and come out as a Movie Queen!
Father and son were astounded. Open-mouthed they looked at each other!
Then Dad said 'Run to our hotel room!
 I want you to fetch your mother!'

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Kay L. Davies said...

Well, the first illustration reminds me someone should wash my car. I don't think, studying the illustration very carefully, that the someone should be me.