Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Late

asks us to use the above illustration


I thought it would be easy, and I could choose the time.
I thought that being a Mother would be utterly sublime.
I pictured 'them' for years and years; I even gave 'them' names.
Becoming a loving mother was the foremost of my aims.
But first I had to see the world and climb some mountains, too!
Then there was ocean racing; how great to be in the crew!
I wanted to try a few careers; I had so much ambition.
Whenever I was appointed I aimed for a good position.
I had a number of affairs, but no-one was just right;
Either they weren't good-looking or they weren't very bright.
I looked at all my women friends, all tired and domesticated
And, underneath my breath, I said 'Silly girls! You should have waited.'
I knew that each one envied me, though their babies were so cute,
And I would have some of my own, when I found a time to suit.
The other day I looked at my hands; were those wrinkles? Surely not!
I saw a single grey hair...... oh no! There were a lot!
I suddenly realised my age! I must find myself a man!
After all, little babies of my own were part of my life's plan.
But all the men were married! And I was past my best.
Men would look me over and I knew they weren't impressed.
I'd wanted to have everything, but biology was my fate.
Ironically, all too soon, I found it was too late.


(A short short story)

I'm effeminate, it's true!
But see what a parasol can do!
You call me a sissy but I win through
By stabbing my parasol at you!


jabblog said...

It's hard for women suddenly to realise that time has passed them by. It's not the same for men - there must be some reason for that, beyond the obvious.

Tarang Sinha said...

Nice composition! It is of course wise to do everything at right time:)

booguloo said...

The prompt left me with a sense of her longing. Nice write.

Unknown said...

That first piece cuts to the quick. We often think we have time to do it all. Truth is, life usually forces some dreams out of our realm.
Perfectly parsed, this!

S.E.Ingraham said...

a poignant take on this prompt - very nicely done Rinkly ...