Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nothing Could Be Finer


(To the tune of 'Carolina in the Morning.')

Nothing could be finer
Than to see an ocean liner
Gently floating.
Makes our little jetty
Seem just very slightly petty,
Made for boating.
Passengers alighting,
Off to see the town,
Though it's not too exciting,
It will not let them down.
Nothing could be sweeter
Than the little tugs that meet her
In the morning.
Buzzing here and buzzing there
As all the locals stand and stare,
Just swarming.
If I had the money I'd be off like a shot,
Though this is a delectable spot.
Nothing could be finer
Than to see an ocean liner
In the morning.

(With Choral Speaking in mind)

(boldly) I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather,
Leader of the band
Of brave Turkey-Troopers,
Ravaging the land.
I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather
Leader of the gang
Whose arrows go 'Plop!'
And whose guns go 'Bang!'
(whispered) Hush! Hush! Turkey Troopers!
Footprints in the snow!
Keep your voices
Way down low!
Hush! Hush! Turkey-Troopers!
Don't be afraid!
Big Chief Turkey-Feather
Must be obeyed!
(scared) Great big footprints!
Do we dare
To follow the tracks
Of a Grizzly Bear?
Great big footprints!
Oh so big!
They might be the tracks
Of a Giant Pig!
(happily) Why! It's Daddy
In his great big shoes!
Only Daddy!
That's good news!
Why! It's Daddy!
With his great big toes!
Footprints are fun
Whenever it snows!
(boldly) I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather!
Fancy that!
Marks of a Daddy
We were looking at!
I'm Big Chief Turkey-Feather!
Come on, Troop!
Mummy's at home
With some nice hot soup!


Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Delightful WW post! :-)

Jane said...

Your rhyme has brought a smile to my face. I love watching ocean liners...and am lucky enough to see them fairly often. We have a port here in the Tampa (FL) area. They dock in Tampa and head into the gulf just a few miles from here...always a beautiful sight!
Jane (artfully graced)