Friday, January 13, 2012

Tribes and Tribulations

asks us to consider 'Tribe.'


The pull of the Tribe is a strong pull. We may think we are free.
After all, we're modern and past all that as anyone can see.
Tribes, after all, are uncivilised, they live in isolation;
Tribal behaviour is not for us; we belong to the Global Nation.
But never voice an opinion on this until you have moved away,
Away from your normal surroundings to where differences hold sway.
I left Britain years ago; where I'm living suits me well.
But still the pull of my ancient Tribe casts an odd, unsettling spell.
I'm drawn to people who speak like me or whose memories seem like mine,
Though I'd never call myself homesick; and I never yearn nor pine.
But I know it's something divisive, this whole darned 'tribal' thing;
For from it all exclusiveness and all suspicions spring.
Religion adds fuel to the fire, of course, dividing man from man;
And even sport is divisive, causing upsets fan to fan.
Belonging to Clubs is dangerous; mild people make a fuss
If there's the slightest comparison between 'that other lot' and us.
It's certain to continue, whatever my diatribe;
Don't kid yourself you're civilised! 
You belong to a Tribe!

(An Acrostic)

Such accidental happiness!
Exceptional delight!
Ridiculous coincidence!
Each one grey and white!
Nestling sweetly side by side,
Doubling the surprise!
Isn't serendipity
Perfect in our eyes?
It almost seems to make us feel
That life is organised!
Yet I think this is a put-up job
(I wouldn't be surprised!)


RJ Clarken said...

Your second poem is great fun to read, but the first one is truly a talking point, which gives one cause for pause. I think you 'nailed' the tribe. Just wonderful!

keiths ramblings said...

Greetings from the Sussex UK tribe! A delight to read as ever and plenty to ponder on.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The second one puts a different slant on 'passing the buck'.

I fight hard not to be tribal.

Linda Jacobs said...

You do rhyme so well!

Anonymous said...

i don't know about the fact that being in a tribe is what makes someone civilized!! :)

congregating tribes

Archna Sharma said...

It is an undeniable and sad fact that we all belong to this global nation but, in some way, I hope that we are all still drawn to our own old tribes, the ones that speak like us.

Beautiful tribal image.

TMTW said...

I don't mind being part of a tribe. I refuse to be part of a herd! :0)

I enjoyed both poems very much.