Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Great Adventure

I've been scanning and cropping old black and white photos today, so probably a fair amount of nostalgia will creep into my blogging for a while. This one is for Margaret. She may or may not have a copy. It shows our friend, Barbara, on the left, then me, and then Margaret, with her parents near her. I remember we were just off on Our Great Adventure.


It was nineteen-fifty-something . 
We had never been abroad
And a simple hitch-hiking holiday
Was all we could afford.
France was just over the Channel,
But a truly foreign place,
And the exotic people seemed
A totally different race.
I remember the excitement
As we packed and said goodbye,
But why were we sitting on a beach?
I really don't know why.
Memories are just fragments;
The whole picture never appears.
But it's good to remember happiness
After all these many years.


Have you got a blood disorder?
Is your patience wearing thin?
Are you searching for a cure-all
That will ease the state you're in?
Raw-meat therapy might help you!
Zomotherapy to the fore!
Some raw-meat soup might be the answer!
Can't do you much harm, for sure!
Here's the recipe to help you.....
Take half a pound of minced raw meat,
Mix with milk to make a paste.
(Alright! Alright! I can hear you!
'This isn't really to my taste!')
If you wish, add some tomatoes;
Even risk a little cream!
Open up and toss it downwards!
It may work just like a dream!
Zomotherapy is the treatment
Often mooted for T.B.
I got all this stuff from Google;
If you're 'put off' don't blame me!
PS. This is a serious treatment suggested by specialists! Forgive my levity!

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Margaret Gosden said...

It looks like a stony beach - perhaps they saw us off
at Dover. I do remember how we ended up sleeping in the prison where the Man-in-the-Iron-Mask was
supposed to have been kept, stranded on the Isle de Ste. Marguerite, Nice, because we missed the boat! We had some other weird, sometimes scary adventures, too. But, for the most part it was a great adventure in those days!