Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flop in the Kitchen

asks us to use a line from a the poem immediately previous to ours on her blog


I long to see you rising
Reacting to the yeast;
I long to make
 The sort of cake
That others think a feast.
But there you lie, inactive,
Just a great big soggy blob;
I have no power
Over fat and flour.
I'm no good at this job.
While friends of mine are bakers
Who bake with great panache,
And sell their wares
At local fairs
To make a bit of cash,
I'm just a hopeless failure!
My drop-scones simply drop.
So I'll never make
Another cake.
You, like me, are just a flop!


It wasn't a case of 'Are we there yet?'
It was a case of 'Here we are!'
The problem was we were far from there yet,
And Greg was cooped up in the car.
We'd only just arrived in Australia;
It was 1974,
And a long, long drive through the open bush
Was, for him, an awful bore.
He was only four and too restricted,
The journey was way, way, way too long,
Though we tried to shorten it with stories
And, now and then, a little song.
We were on our way to the town of Orange
In New South Wales but way inland,
And the journey seemed to go on for ever.......
This was Australia, understand.
The name Orange was linked with the Netherlands,
'The House of Orange' and history.
Orange itself was a centre for cherries
(As it is to this day, quite famously.)
The trouble was we kept seeing oranges,
Groves of them growing on every side,
Gorgeous fruit hanging in the sunshine,
And whenever we saw them Gregory cried
'Here we are! This is Orange! Stop the car!
Let's get out! Don't keep on driving!
Look! This is Orange! See the Oranges!'
He was obsessed with arriving!
Hour after hour we drove through the countryside;
Poor little Greg was pinned to his seat!
But oh what joy when Orange came into view
And we all had great bowls of cherries to eat!

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