Sunday, January 29, 2012


suggests the topic 'storm'


Suddenly a storm arrives
To cause disruption in our lives
Oh the yelling, stamping, screaming!
Rain in the form of tears comes teeming.
Madam likes to kick and shout.
But, in a moment, the sun comes out!

Aries lacks sophistication, something Libra likes.
I can't see you on a tandem; you should stick to separate bikes!
Your bodies may seem in harmony, but your minds are poles apart,
Though you kid yourselves you’re soul-mates, right at the very start.
When it's just a matter of having fun, you make a perfect pair,
But the good times soon evaporate, off into thin air!
Both of you like socialising, but both need something more;
When it comes to conversation, Aries proves to be a bore.
Libra is a Peace sign and Aries loves a fight;
Conflict makes one uneasy, while the other feels just right.
Libra's indecisive, which drives poor Aries mad,
While Libra finds Aries boorish , which is really rather sad.
Though you're shooting stars in the bedroom, this fact can quickly pall;
When people can't be friends, you see, sex means nothing at all.
Aries acts romantic, but only to one end,
While Libra fantasises about a truly sensitive friend.
Better enjoy a brief affair and get out while you can!
Another case of  'Don't call the Banns!
You’re better with a Ban!


RJ Clarken said...

Storms happen...and speaking of, Aries and Libra really do sound most compatible. ☼

Margaret Gosden said...

Tantrums are for boys, too!! Having very recently witnessed one!!