Saturday, January 28, 2012


supplied the illustration for a VERY brief story


Hands in pockets,young and free.
Whistling a song! What's this I see?
Hell's Bells! A great big oak!
Over the handle-bars! That's no joke!
(140 characters)



Ruby Smith was eighty-five but spritely for all that,
And, Marlene, her daughter, found her trying-on a brand new hat.
'Where are you off to, Mother?' Marlene then enquired
For Mother had been gadding ever since she had retired!
'I've got a date!' Mother giggled, 'With our next-door neighbour, Hugh!'
And Marlene remonstrated 'Mother! He's ninety-two!'
'He's good for his age' said Ruby 'At least, I hope he is!
Let's hope his glass of vintage wine hasn't lost all its fizz!'
'Oh, Mother! You are awful!'  Marlene looked askance.
This Mother of hers for years and years had led her a merry dance!
'Are you going out for afternoon tea?' Marlene wanted to know.
'Not on your life!' said Ruby. 'We'll have dinner and see a show!'
'Well, I'll be waiting-up for you' said her daughter, 'You wont be late.
After all nothing much will happen on a geriatric date!'
At three a.m. poor Marlene was still playing the waiting game,
When Mother burst in, crying! She was sobbing as she came!
'Have you had a really awful time?' Marlene was quick to say;
'Well, don't get upset about it; there's always another day.'
Ruby said 'It was awful! My evening was a disgrace!
Three times! Three times, my darling, I had to slap his face!'
'Don't tell me he got fresh with you! I can't believe it's true!
Not with you at eighty-five and him at ninety-two!'
'It was really quite embarrassing' finally Ruby said.
'I had to slap his face because I thought that he was dead!'


SparkleFarkel said...

What poetic fun! Your picture story could easily be the ad many orthodontists/dentists are looking for! A hearty "Bravo!" I send in your direction.

Pat said...

This is such a good poem-story! I laughed a whole lot at the last line. You are so clever and witty!

Pat said...

Your SY poem is great--rhyming couplets, exactly 140 characters and a funny ending. You are really good at this.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Nice story about keeping our eyes ahead of us.

Slap-Dash cracked me up! I didn't see the last line coming.

Grandma's Goulash said...

The bicycler certainly appears to be on a crash collision, doesn't he?

Slap Dash is a basket full of laughs. Well done.