Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bathed in Brilliance



See the ground below!
From the deep shade high above
It seems washed with gold.


Down here, in the Antipodes,
Floating in the Southern seas,
We walk upright and quite erect
Not up-side-down as some suspect!
Our bodies are, indeed, designed
With every organ so aligned,
As to copy, faithfully,
Bodies of all humanity.
Yet there was a time, some time ago,
When 'we' were not imagined so!
If you go back eight hundred years
A different view of 'us' appears!
Our continent was filled by these
Creatures known as Skiopades !
At least that's what all men believed.
(It wasn't true, and I'm relieved!)
'We' were known as Shadow-foot creatures
With the most obscure of features.......
Absolutely enormous feet
Designed to shelter 'us' from the heat!
'Our' looks expressed a great variety;
'We' were a truly odd society!
Great big lips and single eyes!
Oh how they could fantasise!
Above, see one of the illustrations;
What a feast for imaginations!
But, fear not, we are just like you,
Give or take a very few!
In fact, we're nobler and more smart;
Fair of feature, kind of heart!
Being the last to be created
We are much more highly rated!
I had better stop forthwith
Before I create another myth!


The Unproductive said...

Nice! Love "Bathed In Brilliance"!

Tara Tyler said...

excellent interpretation of the picture!

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, the whole is brilliant! I like.

Ria said...

Love how the poems go with the illustrations

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The words describe the picture so well!

Anonymous said...

washed with gold!!

Wonderful imagery!

Kathy Reed said...

Art and brilliance!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Nicely done - I like the line "washed with gold" :)