Tuesday, January 24, 2012


chooses 'balance'

(An Acrostic)
Balance as you go through life;
A little joy, a little strife.
Love your food, but don't be greedy;
And seek love but don't be needy.
Never dive where it's too deep;
Caution! Look before you leap.
Enjoy this life but be aware

It will exist when you're not there.



The American election system quite bemuses me!
A quarter of life is taken up with campaigns, literally.
Once every four years one whole year is devoted to the show!
It's a popularity contest and the entrants all have dough!
But, please, my American readers, even if he's cute (?)
Don't elect a President who has the name of Newt!
A newt's an aquatic amphibian with not a lot of brain!
I fear that other world leaders would view him with disdain.
If he were baptised 'Newton' let him use that name.
President Newt sounds terrible! Such is the price of fame.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am glad aquatic newts don't have a lot of brain to have to put up with such a namesake as that one!