Monday, January 30, 2012

Dare to be Different


supplied the illustration


Try to see the world anew;
Not the way that others do.
Artists with a new perception
Send the world in a new direction.
 Kandinsky was right out on a limb
And nobody thought much of him,
When he painted the above;
They said 'What are you thinking of?'
(Forgive my ignorance, it could be
That this was painting thirty-three!)
Though this work is so surreal
I can see some apple peel;
You may see a fair-ground scene
Or a dance on the village green.
All he saw was a 'Red Spot'!
Like the painting or like it not,
His work, at the time, was a surprise;
He had looked through different eyes.
Don't let society dictate
What is acceptable and great.
Dare to be different! You may find
The world is following-on behind.


I wish I were a tattered bear
With not a single stitch to wear,
With paws all worn and velvet scuffed
And fur a single mangey tuft.
I wish my eyes were not quite there
Giving a sort of anguished stare.
I wish my nose hung by a thread,
Not central, but side-on instead.
I wish my mouth had come askew,
As mouths of old bears often do.
I wish my ears had lost their lift,
Doing a sad and downward shift.
I wish I were lying by myself
On someone's high neglected shelf!

Why do I wish for this sad fate?
Because, I know if I only wait.....
That Someone will rescue me one day
In a delightful sort of way.
She'll make me paw-pads out of suede!
No finer paws, I think, are made.
With finest wool and thread she'll sew
A mouth like a perfect Cupid's Bow.
And then she'll add a nose as well,
So real it almost seems to smell!
And now the best part, button eyes,
Widening with new-found surprise!
She'll add a jacket, brilliant red,
And a little hat for my furry head.
Two holes where both my ears will go
So that they'll know which way to grow.
Then a gift tag round my neck will say
'A brand new bear for Christmas Day!'

But. alas, I'm human, not a bear
And my increasing wear and tear
Can't be put right with a handy thread,
A loving needle and coat of red.
I'll have to strive and play my part
To preserve the youth of my inmost heart,
So that, though age I cannot hide,
I'll still declare with joyful pride
'The outside's not too debonaire
But INSIDE I'm a brand new Bear!'


Kay L. Davies said...

How wonderful. The bear, I mean. Kandinsky's been busy enough already this week. But the bear poem is delightful. I'd like a loving makeover, too, were it possible, but we both have to be content with being Brand New Bears on the inside.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love both,

being a teddy
is not easy, really,
cute expressions.

Brian Miller said...

nice...artists do have that other perception and through their works open it up for the rest of us to catch just a glimpse....

Cad said...

Try to see the world anew;
Not the way that others do.
I'm with you there, RR !

Berowne said...

Remarkable how you come up with such quality poeticizing each week. Very good.

Unknown said...

Great messages in both. Thanks!

21 Wits said...

Everyday I try! ...and Great poems again!

booguloo said...

Loved the last stanza. It shows hope for the artist:
Don't let society dictate
What is acceptable and great.
Dare to be different! You may find
The world is following-on behind

Bodhirose said...

I came visiting from Magpie Tales and found two delightful poems. You're right about different perceptions..I saw boomerangs in that picture!

Love the one on "Tattered Teddy"...just sweet as could be and insightful as well.

Little Nell said...

Oh yes, dare to be different - and you do! Kandinsky offers us a riot of shapes and colours to play with and we all see something of ourselves perhaps. I’m glad he dared to be different.

Helen said...

It takes courage to be different ... he was and we are all the beneficiaries. Nice writing ..

hyperCRYPTICal said...

It is good to be different and both your poems are good too!

Anna :o]

Trellissimo said...

I always appreciate your rhymes and strong rhythmic sense.

Dave King said...

Some go further and think the world IS as you perceive it - I wonder if that goes for teddies too! Great post.

Helena said...

Kad's work certainly STILL has clashing opinions! Teddy was sweet! Bless.