Monday, January 30, 2012




As in very many cases seek for moderation.
Action's fine but never when it leads to perturbation.
Inaction's merely laziness, and not to be admired,
So what to do when a worthy cause gets ones spirits fired?
Sitting in an armchair and bemoaning this and that,
Being utterly inactive except for winge and chat,
Does nothing to improve life or help a worthy cause.
Things will always stay the same.....even unjust laws.
But go out and join a rabble, spill blood along the way,
And no-one takes much notice of the things one has to say.
The message is forgotten in the screaming and the din,
And, when there's too much action, no-one's going to win.
It's hard to tread the tightrope between mobs and lazy sloth;
But we have to find a middle course; we've certainly tried both.
Only civilising discourse can improve a situation.
Action's fine but only when it's tinged with moderation.


Long lissom legs;
Luscious lips, half parted.
Corrugated hair, blonde, bottle blonde.
The Beauty Spot.
The Widow's Peak.
The Kiss Curl.
The Cupid's Bow.
All gone.
Eyes wide! But not with innocence.
Fixed smiles,
With nerves chattering at the corners of the mouths.
Bountiful thighs, no longer fashionable.
Eager faces.
Oh so eager....
For Fame.
'Please let him notice me!'
'I kick higher than she does!'
'Is my lipstick smudged?'
'This is my last chance.'
We see them, time and time again, in the background of old movies.
Fred and Ginger take centre-stage.
And, behind them the girls line-up.
This could be IT!
Kick! Kick! Kick!
Higher! Higher! Higher!
Arms around another's waist,
But not out of affection.
More like hatred.
'Surely Busby Berkely looked my way!'
The Tin Pan Alley music is full of hope.
And so are they.
But we know something they don't know:
That they will never make it.
Time will defeat them.
They will join us at the kitchen sink.
And a new crop of dewy-eyed babes will come along.
These are not great tragedies, as tragedies go.
At least, one day, they will be able to say to their grandchildren
'I was in a film once'
That will be their only reward.
Maybe now they're high-kicking on a cloud!
Maybe now they're looking down at us thinking
'I bet you never danced with Fred Astair.'



Granny Smith said...

Two great action poems! But then, you always please me.

Kat said...

A poemic message to all the hardliners and softliners, indeed. Being moderate and sensible is most important.

In all these years.... people are still and always drawn to the tinsel world with dreams of making it big..!!! Well captured.

21 Wits said...

Oh yes....great poems again...and we're excited here, my son-in-law will be home for a Two week leave, before he returns to finish his deploment sometime in May...I say Bring them all home now and for good!...but sadly we know that will never be the case...

keiths ramblings said...

Two great poems. The opening lines of your second one got me quite excited!!! You never fail to please and entertain.

Jae Rose said...

I love how you post two poems together..I couldn't help look at those tappers and see wonderful action..although maybe even tapping should be done in moderation! Jae

Nita Jo said...

Two wonderful poems! Action is an eye opener and makes me analyze where I stand between the mobs and the sloth.

TMTW said...

Leg's Labours Lost! touched me in a personal way. My parents both worked in the industry, with my father working at Paramount until my early teens. I would roam about on weekends or sometimes on a school holiday. I would watch actors going about their business. I often wonder what happened to many of them, nameless faces hoping to get noticed even as they blended into the background.

AuroraLee said...

two great pieces! Action has a great message. The other is great fun!