Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Car Wash



Care for your car! And keep it clean!
A dirty car should not be seen.
Rude remarks are written in dust
Water is something you can trust.
After mud wash carefully;
Sparkling cars are good to see.
Hurry to your car-wash place
If your car is a disgrace!


A clever ruse! To trick the brain
Into consideration
Of all the falsity involved
In this strange publication!
'That's not purple!' the brain cries out,
'I must take a closer look!'
And, thus, the smart designer
Makes us open-up the book!
My guess is the subject's 'Royalty'
Or something of the sort,
For isn't purple a colour
They use a lot in court?
The crown, of course, is a give-away,
But see the little figure!
See how he is tiny
But the crown is a great deal bigger!
Someone who aspires, maybe,
And is then cut down to size?
Someone who ends diminished
Although he longs to rise?
The falsity of the colour
Is absolutely vital,
Because it fills us with intrigue......
'What's behind that title?'


Bubba said...

I do believe that's the first-ever acrostic M.M.P.P. Brenda! Nice job!

Kathe W. said...

clever acrostic! very fun- Happy New Year!