Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling Blue

(After Patience Strong)

It's only by feeling blue,
As most of us sometimes do,
That we can comprehend
The joy when the blue days end.
If we were always glad,
And never, never sad,
Being 'over the moon'
Would get quite boring, soon.
If we were always cheerful,
And never, never tearful,
Never, never the least bit glum,
How boring happy would become!
It's only when the blueness shifts,
And the cloud of sadness lifts,
That we can shout aloud and say
'I am feeling great today!'
If every day were yellow and red,
And never, never blue instead,
Comparisons could not be made
And the vividness would seem to fade.
So please enjoy a miserable day.
Life was meant to be lived this way.


We hear each plausible theory and believe each one at the time.
Climate Change is real..... or not; it's natural or a human crime.
Each expert speaks with conviction, and has the charts to display,
Proving one case or another in a very convincing way.
For sure we humans taint the earth with our fossil fuels and such;
We seem to make an awful mess of everything we touch.
But temperatures have fallen or risen, as the case may be,
Ever since the dawning of humanity's history!
I would willingly change my ways if everyone agreed;
Then, united, we could achieve the outcome that we really need.
But do we really need it? Another Ice Age is due!
Surely warming the planet is something we should do!
I won't be around to witness the result of my lack of will;
The blazing eternal deserts, or the bitter eternal chill,
But I'd like to know the answer and even do my bit,
Even though I'll never live to see the truth of it.


Geoff Maritz said...

Both very true.
Blessed be those who mourn and weep, you shall rejoice and dance in joy.

As one year follows another, each different, so too do rumours follow one after the other. But to stand by and say; " It wasn't me" what good would that do?
Very good post, very thought provoking, well done, Geoff.

SmilingSally said...

I hope that you're not feeling blue. I put this link into Mr. Linky, so now you're all set.

Happy Blue Monday, Brenda.

J.Rylie.C said...

Lovely, puts a smile on my face!

My BLUE, have a nice day!

LV said...

What different and interesting shots. I really like the first one.

Leah H. said...

That's true.. Thank's for sharing this:)

Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's mine-hope you can stop by:)