Monday, January 16, 2012


chose the theme

Producing produce, I have found,
Really makes the world go round.
Opportunities for wealth
Definitely do not come by stealth.
Use your time and industry
Creating products carefully.
Every successful enterprise
Has filled the world with more supplies.

(And quite a production!)

There are many things in life I cannot do!
Many, many more than one or two!
So here's a certain skill
I'm attacking with a will;
It's something quite unusual and new!
Radish to toadstool! Everyone should know
How to include this in a magic show!
It's something that, frequently,
Others will ask to see!
Your popularity certainly will grow!
This world has need of many little ruses!
And now we see a radish has its uses!
It surely wins the title
Of something really vital!
Learn how today! I won't allow excuses!


Mary B. Mansfield said...

Two very well-done poems! I'm going to have to try that radish trick, looks like fun!

Brian Miller said...

hahah love that second picture...nice on the verse as well...

Mrsupole said...

I think your acrostic is great and the poem about the radish is so cute. I am not artistic with my veggies or fruit. I have tried and they never turn out the way they should. But that radish toad is so cute.

Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday, really enjoyed your post.

God bless.