Saturday, January 21, 2012

Second-Hand Glows


(To be sung to the tune of 'Second-Hand Rose')

Second-hand Glows, Second-hand Glows,
I'm not the real thing, everyone knows.
Though I love to sparkle and to shimmer,
I'm aware that I am just a glimmer.
Up in the sky, shining on high,
The sun's to great for poor old little me.
I am a reflection from the rail overhead
I must just accept that I'm a copy instead.
Second-hand Glows; I'm one of those
From Second Avenue!


Clearly George was overweight. The Dr said 'You must run
Ten miles a day for a hundred days and when all that is done
You'll be down to your perfect weight, without the slightest doubt.'
So George put on his running shoes to try the theory out.
In due course he rang the Dr saying that he was slim,
And the Dr told him, delightedly, that he was proud of him.
'I must take your measurements. Call and see me today.'
George replied 'How can I? I'm a thousand miles away!'


Margaret Gosden said...

That surf looks inviting for surfers, but I am no judge of such matters on reflection!

Kat said...

While the poetic license permits,
mathematically there is a glitch.

At 5 miles a day, in 30 days George should have been only 150 miles away.

should enquire with George about the balance 850 miles :-)))

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh how I wish our beaches looked like that right now...but alas it is January in New England...bleak and cold for us