Sunday, January 29, 2012



At the local market he sits and plays;
He plays the didgeridoo,
An Aboriginal instrument
That's mastered by very few.
Circular breathing is required;
That's tricky, without a doubt.
You have to learn to breathe in with your nose
While your mouth is breathing out!
This makes the continuous droning sound,
With never a pause for air!
It's very hard, though you may find
You end up playing with flair!
Below see the instructions;
You'll learn, without a doubt.
But only males can play didgeridoos,
So I fear that cuts me out!
Practice Exercises
Exercise 1: Fill your mouth with water and push a stream of water out using only your tongue and cheek muscles. Make sure not to use any pressure from the lungs to help. Stay relaxed and breathe in and out with your nose while making the stream. Keep trying until it feels very comfortable. This is a good exercise to do in the shower!
Exercise 2: Get a straw and a cup of water. Twist the end of the straw so that almost no air can come out. Push air through the straw and into the water creating bubbles. Breathe in and out with your nose while doing this as in exercise 1. Keep the pressure even and the flow of bubbles smooth.
Exercise 3: Slowly transition to just breathing in with your nose and keep the bubbles going nonstop. Master this until the muscle contractions you are using feel totally comfortable and the bubbles are flowing smoothly.
Exercise 4: You are now circular breathing. Keep your cup and straw right next to you. Try to play your didge and circular breathe (it is just a bigger straw). You will find this difficult so go right back to the straw and water to practice again. Then, try on the didge again. Keep going back and forth between the cup and water and the didge until you can successfully do it on your didge.



It was the day I disappeared.
And it happened outside the Library!
Passing by,
I saw the imposing couple
In the foyer.
A photo opportunity
Presented itself!
Reflection, shade, comparison,
All were suggested.
The green trees,
The threatening shadows,
The sheen of glass.
And I would be there!
The fat little photographer
Caught in the act!
It would be amusing!
Later, I viewed my work.
There they were,
The long-armed couple
With their featureless features.
Or barring the way
To the world of literature?
There they were,
The lush green trees in the park,
Preening themselves
Against the blue.
But where was I?
So it will be, eventually.
The monuments will be standing firm.
The foliage will be growing brightly.
But don't waste your time
Looking for me.
I will have disappeared.

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Kay L. Davies said...

When I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, I looked for alternatives to the CPAP machine the doctor recommended. One suggestion was to learn to play the "didge" but, of course, I didn't, because I'm not a man.

As for you disappearing, don't you dare.