Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kiltish Invasion

a little oddity from my week


Just a quiet afternoon in our neighbourhood;
Songs of birds were all that we could hear.
When, suddenly, the skirling started, right out of the blue;
Very Scottish! Very, very near!
No-one was parading as far as we could see!
It wasn't any special Scottish day!
They merely played a 'tune' or two, with bagpipes to the fore,
And then they, just as quickly, marched away!



Two enormous egos, battling for the top!
You'll try to gain ascendancy and keep on till you drop!
Actually, it's quite exhilarating, when the feathers fly!
You both enjoy a good old spat so it's certain you'll get by.
Both partners like a feeling of excitement in the air,
So an Aries and a Leo make a nearly perfect pair.
The chemistry is fabulous, your love-lives are supreme;
You'll never tire of each other and need a distant dream.
All physical excitement is something you both crave.
Extreme sports of every nature prove you strong and bold and brave.
You both adore the limelight, but, happily, you can share,
And you praise and support each other, a sure sign that you care.
Aries, who is stern, at times, shows a softer, gentler side,
With the romantic Leo as a warm and cuddly guide.
 You both like new experiences, attacking life head-on,
Building up great memories you can look back upon.
Should you marry and have children, you’ll bring them up to be
Hikers, cyclists, swimmers, showing great agility.
But domestic life may pall a bit and lead to some regrets!
Let's hope that when you’re old you say
‘This is as good as it gets!’


vivinfrance said...

The pipers were probably practising for Burns night on Wednesday.

My Mum and Dad were both Leo, which was quite a fighting marriage!

Susannah said...

This Leo loved them both! :-)

Thanks for sharing them with I Saw Sunday. x

Kay L. Davies said...

I love bagpipes.