Wednesday, January 18, 2012




All men spend a year of their lives doing this!
Yes, Google assures me it's so.
That is, eyeing-up ladies all over the place,
Imagining what's not on show.
But it isn't a simple as having a look,
And to save you the trouble of guessing
I'll tell you the word means much more than a glance;
They're involved in a spot of undressing!
Not really, you understand, nothing so gross;
It's all in the mind, so they say.
They're taking off garments, imaginary ones,
In an underhand sort of a way.
Now they don't choose old grannies or ladies who're plump,
It's always the young and the pretty;
And it's going on every day, in every place,
Just think how many times in a city!
If we could split open those addled young pates
We would see such a boring array!
Young ladies' bodies all blatantly bare!
Well, I think that's enough for today.


'Otto is rather tight-fisted', said Rita to her friend;
'He hates me asking for money. He hates being asked to spend.
But at last I've cracked the problem! The last time we had a row
I said 'Otto! I'm leaving! I'm going home to Mother right now!'
And Otto didn't argue; he didn't even turn a hair!
Without a word of argument he handed me the fare!
Last evening was a happy/sad occasion. Happy because we enjoyed our usual companionable discussion (films this time) and enjoyed good food as well. Sad because Pat, who has been a member for about ten years, is returning to live in Sydney and we're not likely to see much of her in the future.

Pat is seated at the front, wearing a brick-red top.

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Jo said...

Now I've learnt a new word, Brenda: apodyopsis! I'm sorry such a good friend and member is leaving your group and area. Have a great day. Greetings, Jo