Saturday, January 14, 2012

Riotous Reflection!



Peer very closely and you will see
A pair of legs belonging to me!
They're the middle ones; the other two
Belong to Harry and Max, that's who.
We're reflected in Malcolm's car,
Where the sun is shining like a star.
The boys were shrieking with delight,
Seeing the very peculiar sight
Of their bodies distorted, fat and short,
Like fairground reflections of a similar sort.
So when you look at this gloomy shot,
Always remember it was not
Gloomy at all! For childish glee
Turned it into a jamboree!


Seduced by river, beach and lake I frequently forget
That there's a part of Newcastle that's...... how can I put it? Wet!
Our Wet-Lands are extensive and very recreational,
As well as being highly praised for being educational.
I've only strolled around the paths, but others like to row,
And find the shady hide-aways where many species grow.
Bird-song fills the air all round, egrets fill the trees,
And frogs and cicadas croak and chirp their various symphonies.
One feels returned to Nature, refreshed and  lulled and calm.
The Wet-Lands weave their magic with an old, eternal charm.


jennyfreckles said...

Love the first poem and picture especially. I can remember being quite helpless with laughter the first time I saw myself distorted in those fairground mirrors. I try not to notice myself reflected in cars these days!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Lovely post!