Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Model

                    Isadora Gruye

supplied the image


Luigi was a family friend.
My Mama was delighted
To have a friend like Luigi.
'My friend, Luigi, the Sculptor'
She liked to say.
I visited him one day, with Mama.
I was six years old.
She held my hand.
'This is my son, Bertrand'
Said Mama.
Luigi looked at me closely.
'He shall be my model'
Said Luigi.
'He is a beautiful child.'
Mama glowed at the praise.
'He must come to me every day
At noon'
Said Luigi.
'And he must sit completely still
As I create my statue.'
And so it was 
That I visited Luigi every day.
I had to sit on a hard seat
With my right arm
Stretched across my chest.
'Don't move a muscle!'
Said Luigi.
I began to fidget and fret.
'Be still!'
Shouted Luigi.
'Have you no feeling for art!'
I wept bitterly at home.
'Please don't send me back!'
I pleaded with Mama.
I told her how I could hear the other boys
Playing in the street
As I sat..... and sat....... and sat.
'Silly boy!'
Said Mama.
'One day you will be famous!
Your statue will be on display
In the Sistine Chapel!
People will look at you,
Admire you,
Talk about you!
Think how happy you will be then!'
So I sat.....and sat....and sat some more.
Then it was finished.
I came upon my statue in a junk-yard recently.
Luigi, it seemed,
Had never become famous.
He had died a pauper.
My statue was dirty,
But it was beautiful.


Pretty in pink? All soft and girlie!
Aha! Not this time! Shane, not Shirley!
The touches of red add a violent touch,
A fashion-statement? No! Not much!
A Drag Queen, Audrey Hepburn style!
A vicious look, not a gentle smile.
Bony knees are a giveaway.
The wary look has a lot to say.
The title, including the soft word 'kiss',
Gives a hint of Nemesis!
I imagine the 'dame' is really a cop,
Dressed to the nines and over the top!
I imagine experience is nil;
That's why 'he' doesn't quite fit the bill!
'He' looks slightly awkward, playing a part;
Rather new to the drag-queen art!
The wary look is directed at
A criminal, a dirty rat,
And one of the Underworld's 'ladies' too!
To catch 'him' who knows what he'll have to do!
The plot is thickening in my mind!
I'll read the book!
Wonder what I'll find!


Maude Lynn said...

Your take on the Real Toads prompt is so creative. Love it!

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have seen the story "behind the scenes" of the photo, and told it so well. It says much to me about society's attitude towards art and artists. Thank you for your response to this Photo Challenge on Real Toads.

Teresa said...

Both of these are so creative! Your diversity amazes me. I do love the sad tale of a little boy's statue not being loved.

Susie Clevenger said...

So sad the fate of his patience...nice work on the subject of stone

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, the poor little boy, sitting and sitting, only to have the statue end up as junk. But beautiful.
And beautifully done, Brenda. I always love your work.

Isadora Gruye said...

I adore how you took the literal figure of the resting nymph and then created a whole world which he existed in when not sitting.

That takes imagination and vision beyond the lense. Thanks for putting so much talent to one of my photos!! Viva la