Tuesday, January 31, 2012




It's not as though there were monsters swimming off our beach today!
It's not as though a battleship was heading-in our way.
I shaded my eyes with my hands and looked at the unremarkable waves,
I couldn't see any swimmers being saved from very close shaves!
The sea was flat and quite benign with hardly a sea-gull in sight
And the sky was blue and peaceful and the sun was an average bright.
What was this little man waiting for, there on the deserted beach?
Was it some passing dolphins he hoped to come within reach?
He was there when I walked along westward, and there when I came back east,
And nothing in the world seemed to worry him in the least.
Quite motionless he stood there: he must have had time to kill! 
I'll have another look tomorrow! He might be down there still!


It's dangerous stuff, spontaneity!
I've tried it and I can attest 
That thinking things over quite calmly
Is always undoubtedly best.
I've opened my mouth far too often
With what I consider a quip
To realise I should have waited,
Avoiding a terrible slip.
It's pleasant to make people giggle,
One feels like a really bright spark,
But the horrible pause on completion
Shows I've been over-stepping the mark.
I've made more than one nasty boo-boo,
Upsetting the people I love.
Avoid those spontaneous wisecracks
Like those in the picture above!


Sivinden said...

Great shot from the beach. Maybe this person has peace within:)

Kay L. Davies said...

Ooh, yes, that second picture is certainly not funny. Ugh. But people are so used to seeing "Fried Chicken" they might not even notice what it really says.
I like the photographer with his camera and tripod and nothing to see, however. If something comes, he'll be ready, unless he has closed his eyes to rest them.

Jim said...

Great beach shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Margaret Gosden said...

Waiting for Godot, perhaps...