Saturday, January 28, 2012

King Charles and Winston

                      Daryl Edelstein

supplied the illustration


King Charles and Winston were the best of friends,
They lived in the best of styles;
Often enjoying holidays
Or nights out on the tiles.
And it was Winston who first declared
'Why don't we buy a car?
Then we wont have to walk to the cinema
Or down to the nearest bar.'
King Charles replied 'What a great idea!
I fancy an Italian job;
I know they're pretty expensive,
But we've both got a few bob.'
So they bought the latest model,
And two red collars too,
And they set-off in their vehicle
With everything spanking new.
Lo and behold! At the corner,
They were stopped by the police,
Who said ' We've had enough of you.
This behaviour  must cease!
You're always getting drunk in bars 
And stealing other dogs' wives!
Why don't you settle-down a bit
And lead proper canine lives?
Stay at home in the evenings
And read each other's blogs!'
And the boys replied in unison
We can't read! We're only dogs!'



Tidy drawers and cupboards; everything just so.
With Virgo saying 'Yes' to this, and Aries saying 'No!'
It doesn't look too promising; you’ll see, on looking back,
That Aries was impulsive; Virgo hadn’t got the knack.
At first your differences had charm and you thought them quite a boon,
But the positive and negative can’t survive the honeymoon.
Opposites attract each other when you're first aquainted
But soon the 'first fine rapture' dies and what is left is tainted.
Initially, the Leo spark seemed something to brag about,
But later Virgo’s carping and all Aries does is shout.
Aries has quite a temper; Virgo is a scold.
I really think you should avoid the bit about 'have and hold'!
Virgo likes a schedule; Aries can't be on time,
And every bit of tardiness is treated as a crime!
Virgo likes to keep to rules; Aries can't abide them.
The flaws are just so obvious you’ll simply never hide them!
Leo and Aries, have some fun; enjoy that initial 'Wow!'
Then turn around and walk away
Before you have a row!


Fireblossom said...

Oh, the driving dogs poem has reduced me to giggle fits. I loved it!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Funny thing.. as soon as I saw the dogs driving, I knew it was a picture for you, and I was not in the least surprised to see your link up first today. I thought it most delightful. Your talent for humorous verse is great.

Other Mary said...

Hahahaha - that's perfect! Those names really fit the dogs too!

And your second your humor and wit!

hedgewitch said...

Charming poem, and it totally suits the picture--those dogs look like rakes if ever I saw one. ;-)

Kay L. Davies said...

You've outdone yourself today, Brenda. I just love King Charles and Winston. I agree with Kerry, that photo was "yours" if ever there was!

Grace said...

I love the idea of the dogs driving the car...very nice response and made my Sunday ~

Incompatibility of signs...I enjoyed the wit and charm of your words ~

Teresa said...

This is so much fun! I just love the canines out on the town!

Anonymous said...

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