Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cleft Stick

chose the words in blue


We're in a cleft stick. How can we get out?
We're all puzzled and racked with doubt.
If we consume as we have for years
We know that it will all end in tears.
We'll pollute like mad and deplete the earth
Of everything giving life its worth.
If we stop buying how will it be,
To live in a stagnant economy?
One way we'll ruin our big blue ball;
The other way leads to nothing at all
With people starving and sure to die,
With nothing to sell and nothing to buy.
We should speak with a united voice,
But we don't know how to make a choice.
And so we fall silent and hope for the best
Just hoping humanity passes the test.


Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali!
Now that you are seventy.
You 'floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee'
And wrote the most awful poetry.
I'm not a boxer as anyone can see
But when it comes to writing doggerel you're very much like me!


carmilevy said...

Bad poetry and all, I've always marvelled at Mr. Ali's ability to unite often disparate groups of people. The man's an inspiration, and I hope he has many more years in him.

Unknown said...

Hoping humanity passes the test... does feel cross-roadish these days, doesn't it?

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I really enjoyed both poems!

Thanks for the Ali birthday reminder!

And thanks as always for your fun Limerick-Off contributions!

Lolamouse said...

Enjoyed both of your poems! I wouldn't want to be the one who told Ali that his poetry wasn't any good!