Saturday, January 28, 2012


                              Brenda Bryant




Creatures made of flesh and blood often say they 'gaze';
But cherubs, made of sculptured stone see life in different ways.
A human being gazes for, maybe, one whole second,
If something really wonderful or horrible has beckoned.
They widen eyes and stand agape, as though they're turned to stone,
But cherubs gaze in a different way, that humans have never known.
Cherubs gaze for eternity, while holding-up a dish;
They see a view of reflected trees or maybe a passing fish.
They think the sky is watery, with fish up in the air;
They think that trees grow downwards, a view that we don't share.
Pity these little cherubs who have to spend their days,
Back-to-back with each other, with nothing to do but.........gaze.
A Poem using slang.

When I woke up this-morning
And made an attempt to blog,
I found the computer had problems
(Maybe a minor cog!)
Well, I had a conniption fit right there!
How dare it be so janky!
What a way to start the day!
My! Did I feel cranky!
I fiddled here, I fiddled there,
Much fortified by gin!
And in the end I took it
And kicked it in the bin!
'Scooch!' I yelled, with vehemence;
'Get going! On your way!'
So that is why I cannot write
A poem for today!

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Catherine said...

love all the colours and textures in this shot...