Saturday, May 2, 2009


I write rhyming verse for my own pleasure; I've done it since childhood. But I do feel rather sad to think that poetry should be a matter of fashion!


When I'm faced with a word like 'platitude'
I feel overcome with gratitude.
To think that I can have the latitude
To write with my normal rhyming attitude.
Verse that rhymes is out of fashion,
Though I enjoy it with a passion.
Wordsworth and Keats are cast aside
Where once they were a nation's pride!
Yes, I'm aware that rhyming verse
Is considered, by some, as rather worse
Than jingles in a birthday card!
So life for me is rather hard!
So, here goes, I'll do my best
To put my poecy to the test.
Take the same word and turn and twist it.
(Let's hope there are those who can't resist it!)

So say it
In your own words.
Let the untidy jumble
Fall from trembling lips.

Never use the words of others
To break my heart
Into a thousand jagged pieces.

Those words
Found in some other gutter.
Dredged up to placate me.
Copied from TV programs
And chickflick books.

At least let me have honesty,
Raw words,
Harsh words,
But newly minted.

Let them be honest
If nothing else was.

(PLEASE don't take me seriously!)


Granny Smith said...

Ah! But I do take you seriously! I write both rhymed and unrhymed verse, but must confess (ala this week's prompt) that I most enjoy the rhyming. You obviously can do both and do them well.

I have been amused lately by the word verification words. What do you make of your word that I must soon copy: "testione." Sounds like a quiz of some sort - which it is, I guess,

Gattina said...

That's nice that you like to do poems, I am too lazy for it and then in english it would be quite difficult, lol !

anthonynorth said...

I take seriously the fact that too mant poets take themselves seriously. To me it should have a big element of fun, so I completely agree with you.
As you've noticed, I rhyme a lot myself. And will no doubt continue - until it becomes fashionable again :-)

Margaret Gosden said...

Alas, we are a culture of what is in and what is out, same as in art. Those who love to do what they do will go on doing it, no matter what, and those, in the world wide sense, who live to inherit the works will enjoy discovering what was once unfashionable.
That is called 'vision', I think!

Kat said...

I write rhyming verse for my own pleasureIt's everyone's pleasure.... to glide along the rhythm of rhyme.

rhymed verse is always in fashion.

the other one, was like travelling in a vehicle with no shock absorbers..!!! terribly shocking :)))